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The LS2 book has an extensive References section, and that section is also provided here. But here it includes hyperlinks to the referenced scholarship, (where it is available on the Web). I hope this is a useful resource for scholars in the area.



Some of the technology described in the book may be easier to understand when an example is provided. So this section of the website provides examples of technologies described in the book, with links to more information.

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This site contains video clips of topics that are related to the subject of the book. The first video is an introduction to the book, and it is followed by three videos describing key arguments from it. There is also a video from a two day conference in China, sponsored by LexisNexis, where the author of Law School 2.0, David Thomson, was the keynote speaker. The conference was on the subject of skills training in the United States and China.

It turns out that legal educators in China are worried about many of the same things we are worried about here in the United States. Just as we are, they are concerned that their graduates are not sufficiently prepared to practice law, and are focusing more attention - as we are here - on the teaching of practical skills.

If you have trouble accessing the additional video files on the site, click the "read more" link below, or visit the Videos page.


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